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Our five permanent galleries include: Islamic Faith, Islamic Contribution to Civilization, Islamic Art, Islamic Architecture and Australian Muslim History galleries all offering a unique glimpse into the rich contributions of Muslims to Australia and the world.


In this Gallery, guests are invited to traverse along the timeline of Prophet Muhammad’s (ﷺ) life and the inception of Islam. Visitors will gain an understanding of the pillars, morals and teachings underpinning the Islamic faith, communicated through Quranic quotes, videos, interviews and textiles. Collection highlights include a Quran which is nearly 200 years old, and fragments of a sacred kiswa cloth from Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Another part of the Gallery explores topical issues in Islam. These include the role of women, marriage, social justice and more.

In this room, visitors are encouraged to reflect on their own values and spirituality. Their passage through the exhibition parallels a beautiful billabong which can be seen through the tall glass windows in the Gallery, inspiring a tranquil and meditative ambience.



This Gallery showcases the ingenious discoveries and contributions made by Muslim trailblazers as early as 1000 CE.

Visitors will be impressed as they learn of the original and derived innovations which built upon and influenced later developments across Western Europe. The Islamic legacies behind commonplace items like coffee, alkaline soap, cameras, vaccinations and guitars are narrated through an engaging display of artefacts, photographs, videos and games.

Guests are invited to play a friendly round of chess with the jumbo novelty board and pieces in the centre of the room.



Challenge your preconceived ideas of what Islamic Art looks like.

In this Gallery, visitors will gaze in awe at the impressive scope of artistic styles practised by Muslim and non-Muslim artists.

Guests will gain insight into the contemporary Australian experience as artists explore themes of identity, faith and culture through their craft. Notable highlights include works by five-time Archibald Prize finalist Abdul Abdullah, and an exquisite mosaic by Anisa Sharif—of which guests are invited to caress its textured surface.



Step inside some of the world’s most stunning secular and religious buildings via the large-scale photographs in this Gallery.

Through a visual map journeying across the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia, visitors will discover that Islamic architecture is not bound by a strict definition; rather, it is a vast, original and nuanced vocabulary that considers the historical, social and functional needs of its context.

In this Gallery, guests can also experience the sounds and sensations of standing inside a minaret; a slender tower part of most mosques. Ours is decorated with beautiful Islamic calligraphy, and makes for a great photo op to share with family and friends.



Uncover an unknown part of Australian history in this fascinating and interactive Gallery.

Visitors will be amazed as they trace the intercultural exchange between Makassan fisherman and Northern Australian Indigenous communities before European settlement in 1788 CE. Another section of the exhibition pays homage to the Afghan cameleers, highlighting their important contributions to our country’s infrastructure and economy.

Guests are invited to learn more about the Muslims within their local communities as they recount their migration stories through videos, text panels and personal effects. Visitors will also recognise many familiar faces from sport, business, government and the arts in the final inspiring display which celebrates the achievements of notable Australian Muslims.

Photography by Tania Jovanovic. Exhibition design and multimedia production by Arterial Design.


Australian Muslim History Gallery photography by Tania Jovanovic. Exhibition design and multimedia production by Arterial Design.


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