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Hayakal al Noor, Bodies of Light

24 March 2022 - 09 July 2022

Hayakal al Noor, Bodies of Light

Internationally acclaimed multimedia artist, Narjis Mirza, presents Hayakal al Noor (Bodies of Light); an enveloping sensorial, immersive and transcendent installation.

This interactive show takes inspiration from the medieval Islamic philosophy of illumination. Our Visiting Exhibitions Gallery will be transformed into a cocoon of animated calligraphy, projection, textiles, subtle fragrances and sounds, where you will be guided to ponder beyond the visible and the tangible. You're invited to wonder, contemplate and return to your spiritual beginnings in this show.

Opening on 24 March 2022 in our Visiting Exhibitions Gallery.

Narjis Mirza is a multimedia installation artist. She has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan. Narjis recently completed her practice-led doctoral research into the transcendent and imaginal realm of Islamic philosophy through spatial and participatory installation art projects. Narjis explores new media technologies, animation, projection, typography and voice as mediums with metaphysical resonance that have the potential to evoke the unseen, in a visible image. Narjis aspires to expand a philosophical dialogue on the realm of reality through concept films and interactive light installations. Narjis lives and works in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

Hayakal al Noor, Bodies of Light is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

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Image: Narjis Mirza, Hayakal al Noor, Bodies of Light 2021, Blackbox Theater, AUT, Auckland. Photograph by Stephan Marks.


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