Friday 21st June 2024


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Sensory mosaic decorations

Event Status : Open

Experience our sensory mosaic workshop! Create original designs with glass, mirrors and gems.

Facilitator : Abier

Age suitability : 10 years +

Embark on a unique and hands-on sensory journey at our Sensory mosaic decorations workshop, perfect for all skill levels. Dive into the creative process, choosing from an array of materials such as soft glass, mirror pieces, glass gems and beads to craft your own stunning designs. All necessary tools and guidance will be provided, ensuring a fulfilling and meditative experience. Revel in the joy of crafting something beautiful by hand, piece by piece, in this rewarding and immersive workshop.

*In its ongoing commitment to combatting Islamophobia, the Islamic Museum of Australia champions an understanding and appreciation for Islamic art and culture. The Sensory mosaic decorations workshop is supported by the Victorian Government.


  • Islamic Museum of Australia
  • $18.00



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