Friday 21st June 2024


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Write your name in Arabic Calligraphy (Teens)

Event Status : Open

Learn how to write your name with Arabic calligraphy!

Facilitator : Omar Bakka

Age suitability : 12 - 17 years old

Discover the art of Arabic calligraphy and learn to write your name in this beautiful script! Join Omar Bakka for an engaging workshop where you will be introduced to the basics of Arabic calligraphy. No prior experience is needed, and all materials will be provided. A wonderful opportunity for you to explore a new skill in a supportive and creative environment.

*In its ongoing commitment to combatting Islamophobia, the Islamic Museum of Australia champions an understanding and appreciation for Islamic art and culture. The Write your name in Arabic Calligraphy (Teens) is supported by the Victorian Government.


  • Islamic Museum of Australia
  • $15.00



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