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Eid Banner

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Get the kids involved and create your own Eid Mubarak banner to bring the feeling of joy to your home this Eid!

Age suitability : 6 years +

Get ready to embrace the joyous spirit of Eid as Ramadan unfolds its blessings upon us! As we anticipate the arrival of Eid, a cherished celebration marking the culmination of a month-long fast, it's time to revel in the traditions that make this occasion so special.

Eid is not just a day; it's an experience filled with warmth, love and togetherness. From donning new attire to exchanging heartfelt gifts with loved ones, and of course, relishing the delectable array of festive delicacies and sweets, every moment of Eid is a celebration in itself.

But to truly immerse ourselves in the festive ambiance, let's add some extra sparkle to our homes! Gather the little ones and embark on a creative journey to craft your very own Eid Mubarak banner. With each stroke of color and every heartfelt message, let's infuse our homes with the spirit of joy and celebration, welcoming Eid with open arms and radiant smiles.


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