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The IMA Online Education Program comprises a wide range of teaching and learning modules for Years 4-10, designed for use by both teachers and students. It is available via an online portal or as an app.

The modules are aligned to the Australian Curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, and The Arts. The intent behind the modules is to maximise the educational value of IMA galleries for students in Australia. The modules are also linked to the Australian Curriculum general capability of Intercultural understanding and the cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia.

At primary level, the modules utilise an integrated approach, combining a range of learning areas/subjects. At the secondary level, the modules are specific to particular learning areas/subjects.

The modules utilise content from the five permanent IMA galleries (Islamic Faith, Islamic Contributions to Civilisation, Islamic Art, Islamic Architecture, Australian Muslim History) as well as Boundless Plains: The Australian Muslim Connection, Australian Muslim Artists, and The Journey: Establishing Australia’s First Islamic Museum.

As an educational experience, IMA sees itself as an authentic, cross-cultural space where diverse worlds and backgrounds interact in the spirit of learning from and with one another.

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