General Manager – IMA

POSITION TITLE: General Manager – IMA


DEPARTMENT: Islamic Museum of Australia Management and Administration

POSITION TYPE: Full Time, Fixed Term (2/3 x year contract)

REPORTS TO: IMA Chairperson

DATE PREPARED: August 2017 by IMA Board

APPROVED BY: IMA Chairperson



The Islamic Museum of Australia is a leading cultural institution that showcases and preserves the arts, history, culture and rich heritage that Islam and Muslim societies have brought to the world and more importantly Australia.


The purpose of this position is to provide leadership for the successful management and operation of the Islamic Museum. To develop and achieve the vision and strategic directions through efficient delivery of service, application of specialist knowledge, resolution of complex issues, manage the business and risk and representing the museum to stakeholders.


The position is accountable for providing an engaging and quality visitor experience to all visitors and collaborators which is aligned with the vision for the Islamic Museum of Australia and to inspire staff and volunteers to contribute to the development and success of the museum.


• Lead the overall development and ongoing management of the Islamic Museum of Australia

• Develop the business strategy for IMA that includes effective commercial initiatives and fundraising strategies

• Provide an excellent facility and associated services through the effective deployment of resources

• Oversee marketing strategies, monitoring customer service levels and delivering an exceptional visitor experience that is accessible to all and exceeds visitor expectations

• Contribute to the development of exhibitions, education and visitor programs, digital experiences, marketing, promotions and customer service that deliver the museum’s key objectives

• Establish and implement effective communication strategies with staff, museum stakeholders and broader networks and the public

• Give and receive regular feedback from staff and clients and undertake annual performance reviews with staff

• Contribute to the development of IMA’s Strategic and Business Plans

• Prepare reports, recommendations, policies and procedures for consideration by the Board and ensure their effective

• Comply with IMA’s policies and procedures and with relevant legislation and regulations

• Provide specialist advice and recommendations relating to multiculturalism, cultural diversity and social inclusion

• Stimulate, and engage in, public discourse about the full range of issues surrounding Islam, Diversity and Social Cohesion


The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties, not specifically mentioned in this document, but within the capacity, qualifications and experience normally expected from persons occupying positions at this level. The role will evolve to meet the changing needs of the Australian community and the IMA’s strategic priorities that will be reviewed annually.


The General Manager will report to the IMA Board through the Chair, IMA. The General Manager will manage senior managers and the team at IMA, including volunteers. The General Manager will liaise with and manage key external stakeholders and play a role in communications and external relations. IMA’s key stakeholders are Government (all tiers), schools, community and cultural organisations, education and museums networks, corporate and philanthropic sectors.


1. Demonstrated ability and a record of achievement in the development and ongoing management of a public cultural facility such as a museum or gallery with a record of managing programming and audience development

2. Demonstrated knowledge and capacity to manage complex projects

3. Significant experience in developing and fostering community relationships, business partnerships and corporate sponsorship

4. Demonstrates a leadership style that fosters a cooperative and collegiate approach to managing staff and teams

5. Demonstrated experience in programming and managing events or public sites to deliver audience and stakeholder outcomes that balance commercial returns with community engagement

6. Knowledge and expertise in the area of multiculturalism, cultural diversity and social inclusion and a demonstrated capacity to represent Islamic Museum of Australia in relevant forums

Weekend and after hours will be part of this role.


Implement and maintain health and safety standards and procedures according to legislation and consistent with IMA’s policy and demonstrate effective leadership on OHS matters.


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